Monthly Update: August ’16

Monthly Update: August ’16

It has been over a month since our last update so we thought it would be a good idea to fill you all in on what we have been up to!

After we joined the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce in June we began to network and meet members of our community!

In July we introduced ourselves to the Chamber at First Coffee, which is the first Friday of every month where all chamber members come to network.

We have been meeting with the Small Business Development Center in Fort Walton Beach and began working on our business plan. We have also started creating our lesson plans for the courses we are going to teach. For example PTSD in the workplace, Identifying You Strengths, and Disability vs. Handicap.

We have sent off all paperwork to get contracts with Vocational Rehab and the Agency for Personals with Disabilities. We also have applied to become Medicaid Providers! So, now it is just a waiting game!

We have been collecting donations for the store. This includes chairs, dressers, tables, and clothing. Our house is becoming very crowded as we are still on the hunt for a building!

We are working with a few people we have networked with to help us keep moving forward. We were offered office space to hold interviews, classes, meetings, etc temporarily until November. We are also working with a company and getting advice on how to make a presence on social media. This week we are also meeting with someone who is going to help edit our lesson plans and brainstorm for other classes to teach!

Another exciting thing that has happened in the last month is, we have an intern! The intern approached us and wanted to do her internship with Jobs4U! Not only does she have amazing experience but she wants to be very involved with our future! Keep checking back to see what awesome things she will be doing with Jobs4U!

Another awesome thing happening is Casino Night on September 24th! This is an event put together by the RPM committee with the Chamber, but is not a Chamber event. This will be a night of networking, casino games, and FUN! The best part is that Jobs4U is one of the beneficiaries for the proceeds from the night! If you need tickets contacts us!

We love this community and the feedback we have been getting is inspiring. We cannot wait for things to start moving faster and taking on clients!

Stay tuned for more Jobs4U happenings!

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