Non-profit Collaborations: Why Teaming Up Can Make Sense

Non-profit Collaborations: Why Teaming Up Can Make Sense

One Hopeful Place (OHP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, on a mission to end homelessness in Okaloosa County.   Jobs4U’s mission is to provide employment training and support to persons with unique employment needs that are not met by conventional employment programs.  We decided to join OHP Fundraising Committee because we believe in non-profits supporting other non-profits. In the beginning of this year, the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce tasked Donna and Paul Montalvo to create a fundraising group. Their goal is to help raise money for One Hopefull Place so they can complete Phase II; allowing OHP to house more individuals who are down on their luck.

Paul and Donna are both on Jobs4U’s Board of Directors. When we heard what they were up to this year we knew we had to step up and support them as well as support this amazing local non-profit, One Hopeful Place. Jobs4U has been assisting with events throughout the year that are helping raise money. Most recently “Meatballs for Hope”, hosted by Giovanni’s One89. It was a meatball cooking competition. Our very own Samantha was a judge and Donna even won 3rd place! Don’t ask what place Paul got but this event ended up raising over $1,300 for One Hopeful Place, and would not have been possible without Paul and Donna’s hard work!

The Hard work is paying off as money is being raised and people are being educated on what OHP is all about. There are still a few more events planned this year that we are really excited about.  In fact, on October 12th there is another event, “Painting for Hope”, where 50% of the proceeds will benefit One Hopeful Place!

As the year is coming to end it is apparent Jobs4U’s employment skills training program is complementary with the mission of OHP.  Jobs4U has benefited from being a part of this experience, we were able to:

  • Meet new people in the community and make connections that may help Jobs4U down the road
  • Get the Jobs4U name out into the community even more, as we are a fairly new non-profit
  • Learn some new ideas in different areas like event planning
  • Team up with OHP through building relationships and understanding each other’s capabilities then, other ideas then emerged
  • Understanding our non-profit’s core competencies and what it is we bring to the table; we were in a better position to leverage those assets and have them be complemented in our work with this other non-profit.


If you are a non-profit we challenge you to reach out to another non-profit and see how you can Cooperate, Coordinate and Collaborate together.

Ultimately, when non-profits combine forces, they can accomplish great things. Collaboration can change the world!


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  • Donna Vecchione
    Posted at 05:42h, 11 October

    Great blog on how much comes out of working together. Jobs4U is amazing how they have jumped on board to help One HopeFul Place. They truly are helping their community in many ways!!

  • TJ Janey
    Posted at 21:07h, 20 June

    This is so true! I attended a non profit collaboration meeting last week. The shares were amazing. The attendees were all inspired by one another and re energized by simply learning they were not alone in their fight to help those who could not help themselves. Collaboration is my favorite word!