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What skills, talents, or volunteer capacity would you like to offer?

Below is a list of items needs:

Please CONTACT US if you or anyone you know is looking to donate items that could be sold or used in our gift shop.

  1. Conference table and chairs
  2. Sewing machines / sergers
  3. Fabric
  4. Woodworking supplies – paint, sandpaper, saws, other general tools
  5. Projector for classes we will be teaching
  6. Work tables
  7. Hangers, shelving, other items you would use to stage merchandise
  8. Cleaning supplies
  9. Clothing

If you have other items not listed above we could use those too!

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  • Why should you donate?

    Only 30% of individuals with disabilities are working. Jobs4U thinks outside the box and focuses on each individual's skills and interests to help them find successful employment. Your donation would help with projects such as refurbishing, refinishing, etc that we use to determine what other barriers to employment one would have. Your donation will help with teaching materials used for teaching work appropriate behavior, resume writing skills, handling conflict, etc. Your donation will also provide the chance at an opportunity for someone to explore their career path because we believe that everyone who wants to work should be able to!

  • How to donate?

    Monetary - Paypal or In person: cash, all major credit cards, checks (payable to Jobs4u) • In-kind - For donations of any kind, please call the store to arrange to drop off • Volunteer

  • Donations are Appreciated

    Thank you to all our thoughtful donors for helping Jobs4U provide training and assistance to adults with disabilities in Okaloosa County